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You could have a one of a kind, custom hand drawn sketch of your beloved pet within a week! They make EXcellent gifts just in time for Mother's/Father's Day coming up!


ANY type of animal welcome but YOU MUST PROVIDE A PHOTO REFERENCE 


What to expect:

  • Turnaround within a week, sometimes within a couple of days
  • 8.5X11 full resolution DIGITAL FILE emailed to you
  • SIMPLE background, if any. I judge it by the image
  • Sketch and coloring style is simple and charming as seen in the thumbnail image. 


A PNG of the image with a transparent background will also be provided at the end. You are free to use the image to make T-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, etc as gifts for your loved ones or yourself!

PERSONAL USE only; NOT for commercial use. 


**Once the purchase is made make sure to check for an email from HeHu Art and Design within the same day of purchase! Be sure emails from the site do not end up in Spam, this is how I keep in touch with you about your commission!**



QUICK and Easy Pet Sketch Portraits!

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